Fuck Perfect

May 26th, 2015 • art + design, life

Perfectionism will kill you. It will stunt your growth as a creative and deny you of all your hopes and dreams.

Perfection is garbage and we need to let it go.

James Victore, mentioned this earlier this year:

Designers are too concerned with the idea of ‘perfection.’ Perfection is the death of creativity. Perfection lacks spontaneity and surprise, instead it assumes ‘knowing’ and certainty. Creativity is about being OPEN and curious but perfection is closed tight in it’s search for an answer. ONE ‘right’ answer — but creativity is not math…

That couldn’t be any more accurate.

Foxhat for example, was conceived well over a year ago, and although I’m happy with how it’s fallen into place, a big reason why it has had such a slow start is partly due to the fact that my co-partner and I tend to get overly ambitious with our ideas which wind up just paralyzing us for months. The reason? We want it to be perfect. And what’s the problem with perfect?

Perfection stops you from starting projects or even relationships because you are not ready or perfect. And it stops you from finishing or shipping projects because they are not ready or perfect. The weather, the economy, the atmosphere will never be perfect, your timing will never be right, you will never be perfect. But you know what’s better than perfect? Done. Done is better than prefect.

The sooner you start the sooner you can make it better. A product, just like a brand or website, is never entirely finished.

Fuck it and ship it.