CareGuide acquired Child Care Advantage (Canada’s only online service dedicated entirely to facilitating child care related employment) as part of the package.

CCA was an extremely dated 10-year-old website. Built with PHP and without a responsive framework, it was a huge overhaul for our engineering team as it had to be moved to our┬áRuby application, the same framework where all our other existing sites run (CareGuide’s 28 verticals).

This created a unique design challenge for me because the site rebrand had to follow the same base template as our other CareGuide sites, with the majority of the control being in the CSS.
SolutionTo reduce code bloat and load time, our designs across the board follow a flat, minimalistic style. This allows the engineering team to make updates and edits without relying too much on design (avoiding photo manipulation and excess asset exporting) and brings a unifying theme amongst our network of sites.

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Natasha McDiarmid | Child Care Advantagenatashamcdiarmid-cca-brand-01Natasha McDiarmid | Child Care Advantagenatashamcdiarmid-cca-homenatashamcdiarmid-cca-get-startedNatasha McDiarmid | CCANatasha McDiarmid | Child Care Advantagenatashamcdiarmid-cca-step-and-repeat