House of Cat


House of Cat is an Etsy shop for hand-made cat products. I wanted to create something that was playful, cute and exuded a lot of energy.
RoleMy responsibilities were to create the brand, packaging and Etsy shop assets.

ChallengesAs a small business owner, Cat’s goal was to keep packaging costs to a minimum. Things such as the flavour stickers were all printed at one size separate from the main label, and the main label having 2 distinct sizes – small and large. This meant coming up a design for the flavour stickers that would fit on both the small and large treat pouches.

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natashamcdiarmid-houseofcat-businesscardsnatashamcdiarmid-houseofcat-packaging-08Natasha McDiarmid | House of Catnatashamcdiarmid-houseofcat-packaging-04natashamcdiarmid-houseofcat-packaging-01natashamcdiarmid-houseofcat-packaging-02Natasha McDiarmid | House of CatNatasha McDiarmid | House of Catnatashamcdiarmid-houseofcat-packaging-07